Signature Wine Cellars | Custom Racking, Masonry & Wall Treatments
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Custom Racking, Masonry & Wall Treatments


Signature Wine Cellars specializes in custom wine racking hand crafted from the finest hardwoods – African Sapele Mahogany, American Black Walnut, Rustic Alder wood and White oak are just a few of the lumbers available.  We can also select and install stone accent walls, brick veneers and antique reclaimed wooden beams.
  • Masonry


    Using old world techniques Our team of Masons can fashion a variety of stone accent walls and pillars in your new wine cellar.

  • Selection of Hardwoods

    Selection of Hardwoods

    Signature wine cellars only uses the finest and most durable hardwoods and veneers to construct our wine cellar wine racking and cabinets, from luxurious furniture quality oak and mahogany to rustic alder and black walnut.

  • Wall Treatments

    Wall Treatments

    Signature Wine Cellars offers a variety of wall treatment options to accentuate your new wine room - wood paneling, tongue & groove, wallpaper, brick veneers or Venetian plaster.

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